Rials: 1+1=3

The Rials, those brave souls, volunteered to be my first live subjects (unless you count my cat). Together with my mentor, Brad Sant, we adventured to the potato fields of Southwestern Idaho and captured the love portrayed by this young family.

Janeen and Jarom were also brave enough to bring new life into the world. Their tiny, precious peanut proved natural in front of the camera, though that might be because she doesn’t know what the strange clicky box is yet. Little does she know that I stole her soul. It’s forever mine.

PS: I  might hate snow, but no one can deny that Idaho has some of the most gorgeous summers in the whole universe.

Rial_Family-4 Rial_Family-5 Rial_Family-6 Rial_Family-9 Rial_Family-12 Rial_Family-16 Rial_Family-17 Rial_Family-23



Rial_Family-26 Rial_Family-27

Rial_Family-28 Rial_Family-30


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